Front & Rear                                      Call for Rate
      High Pole                                           Call for Rate
      Steering                                             Call for Rate
      Overnight                                           $ 70.00 Night
      Traffic Control ( Flagging )                 $ 25.00 per hour
      Downtime / Wait Time                        $ 15.00 per hour after the first 2 hours
      Standard Day Rate                            $ 410.00 per day  +  Motel
         High Pole / Steering Day Rate           $ 460.00 per day  +  Motel
      Local Mini Run                                   $ 250.00
      Escort Order Not Used ( no/go)         $ 200.00
      Layover                                              $ 150.00 per day + Motel
      Dead Head If Applicable                    $ .50 cents per mile
      Route Surveys                                   Call for Rate
      Contract Rates are negotiable with repeat customers  
      All Rates are negotiable and subject to change
EAC Pilot Car Service
All payments are due upon receipt.  If payments are not received within 30
days they will be subject to interest.  This will occur every 30 days until
payment is received.  Fuel Surcharge may apply or rates may fluctuate.  If you
have any questions, feel free to call us at any time.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.